December 5, 2014


Butterface Bake Shop was never my intention. But it became my everything. 

I moved back to Austin in 2012 to work towards building a bakery/bar, similar to the industrial yet cozy coffeehouse/bars I had fallen in love with in New York. I thought I had something different to offer in the realm of baked goods too. 

I had little money to fund my idea and few contacts in the industry, but a thirst to learn more about the restaurant industry and how I can build this dream. 

A few months down the line, out of a whiskey-induced conversation, I landed myself on the Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden menu. A ‘seasonally-inspired dessert’ was to be all mine, and Butterface Bake Shop was born. 

Growth was slow, but I remained persistent. A new client here and there fueled my drive to get Butterface off the ground to see where it could go. It wasn’t until this year when business started to look more promising, and it was all because of a cookie. Quickie Pickie, one of my first clients, wanted a new Butterface product. Something that had a longer shelf life and that they could place by the register. 

Enter the Salted Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie. Out of a day’s worth of recipe testing, it was a no-brainer this cookie was a winner. Months later, the cookie is selling at Tacodeli locations all over Austin and my mind is blown. The Butterface brand was becoming more recognized and I couldn’t be happier.

Or could I?

The wholesale business is tough. Thin margins mean Butterface has to produce an excessive amount of cookies in order to survive, and even that heavenly-smelling, excessive amount isn’t enough. As drained as I am, I still feel as though I’m not giving enough to the business either, despite all my love and energy poured into this endeavor. Something’s gotta give. I see so much potential in Butterface — loyal clients, supportive fans and above all, delicious products and ideas that haven’t been made reality — but it’s just not the right time. 

Thus, Butterface Bake Shop will be closing. This did not come easy. I changed my mind several times, but I know this is the best decision for me. You can continue to purchase Butterface products at the usual spots (find a list here) until December 18th, our last delivery date. I am no longer taking orders outside of wholesale clients. Butterface will continue to book weddings after the start of 2015, and if you already have a wedding booked or have contacted me, no fear, we’re still on. 

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Butterface. To my fantastic clients and their staff, thank you for taking a chance on Butterface and placing my products on your shelves. Thank you to my family and friends, who have supported me in more ways than I can imagine time and time again. And thank you Butterface fans and customers, your love and enthusiasm is what kept Butterface going and me smiling. Perhaps someday we’ll try this again.